We deal with some wonderfully compassionate vets and clients who, despite the grieving process, have stopped to thank us for being a part of their pet’s end of life care.

I wanted to take a moment to reach out and thank you for your love compassion and care when it came to helping with Blaze’s final journey. From the moment we came onto your property, there was nothing but gentle kindness, pure love and empathy.

I had to share this special moment with you guys. Yesterday, I came upstairs to the most beautiful sign from Blaze, letting me know he made it to rainbow Bridge. I placed some crystals around my room to bring in rainbows. I had placed blazes impressions on my bed and when I came in.. the rainbow rested over his impressions perfectly.


“My husband and I want to thank you for the compassionate way you handled the cremation of our dear Siberian Husky, Tundra. Although it will take a while for the pain in our hearts to heal, it helps to have the beautiful scatter box with his remains in our home, along with the lovely card and certificate you gave us.  Thank you so very much.”

Pam and Mike Newton

“I would just like to reach out to extend my family’s gratitude for the service you provide. The loss of our beloved Doberman, Kali, hit us hard. When I was provided the opportunity to say one last goodbye to her, that was greatly appreciated. Both Tara and Andre took the time to professionally and compassionately explain to me the process involved which greatly eased my grief and loss. Kali will forever live on in our hearts and we rest assured that Kali was treated with the dignity expected of any family member. Thank you.”

Bryan and Janet Hammond

“Last week it was necessary to euthanize our beloved cat. Our Molly was more than a cat, she was family and we wanted to keep her with us so I contacted Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services located on the Island Hwy near Black Creek. We delivered Molly to them and Tara and Andre took it from there. They looked after the cremation, and provided us with her ashes in a nice container, a paw print keepsake, a certificate of Cremation, and a sympathy card. We could not have asked for better care for our girl. Thank you Tara and Andre, what a great caring operation.”

Len & Jane Doyle

“Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for the beautiful handling of the cremation of our lovely lab, Luna.  We’ve had eight wonderful labs over the last 30 years, but there was something a little extra special about this one – her wise face we miss so very much.  We loved the container she came home in as well as your beautiful condolence card.  Thank you for taking care of her.  We look forward to scattering her when the time is right in our wild flower field.”

Leslie & Mike McGeough

“Thank you Tara for taking care of Ozzie for us, as the past President of the Port Hardy Chamber of Commerce I will be recommending your service to any of our Chamber members who may have need of it. Your professionalism and compassion shines through. My dad was impressed with the service and attention to detail. Thank you again, and when we have Ozzie’s resting spot chosen we will make sure to send you a picture of the box Dad designs to hold his ashes.”

Rob Tucker

Port Hardy

“Words cannot express the gratitude I felt when my pug Bandit Behm came back home with our family after his private cremation after he passed away Nov 2019 at Chase River Vet Clinic . This has been one of the most difficult times in my life. As much as it was so hard to lose him; what you have done with my boys remains helps my heart ache a little less. The craftsmanship in the urn & his name on top with a paw print was absolutely beautiful for his final resting place. All is going well here however still miss our senior boy Bandit however having his remains with us and a little memorial place in our home is helping us especially me cope better. Everyone who has seen his urn cannot believe how professionally with care it was done. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the touching card & certificate.”

Deanna Behm & Family


“Majik, my yellow lab, had just turned four years old when he developed sarcolymphoma. A sensitive and empathic creature, he was a therapy assistant in my counseling practice. I was devastated by the cancer diagnosis, then turned that raw emotion into learning everything I could to support him through 19 weeks of chemotherapy. Majik lived another nine months, precious time for us all. We lovingly and gently planned for his life’s celebration, and he loved us right through to the end. Being open and aware of the process of living and dying, was a rich life-affirming experience for us.”

Fran Ferguson


“My family and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for taking such good care of our beloved cat Skeeter. I appreciate so much that Brian came to pick her up early. It’s been quite the adjustment not having her around, but I have taken comfort in knowing that she was very well respected at your facility.”

“As with all beloved pets, we watched the decline of our beautiful Bonzo-dog with sadness and a sense of inevitability. By the time the decision was made, we’d already delayed several times, feeling that he, and we, just weren’t ready. And finally, in January of 2013 (when he was at least 13 and probably even older), we realized that there was no turning back the clock. Thank you Tara and Andre at Honor Your Pet, for making that most difficult of times easier to bear. You understood that we had lost a family member, and (after talking to you over the course of several months before), I just knew that in your hands he’d receive the professional treatment, respect and gentleness which was so important to us. You even made him a beautiful memorial tablet, and it lies under the shrub in the photo, which used to be his favourite shade-spot. Again, thank-you.”

Kath & Perry

On Jan 1 2019 you cremated our beloved pet Missy. Missy was 18.   She was an inductee to the Purina Hall of Fame in 2011 for saving my life when I was nearly beaten to death by a stray cow that had broken into our herd in Alberta. This story can still be Googled.

There was also a movie made of Missy and Scooter (her brother) our other cattle dog on the Pet Heroes TV show.  Both Missy and Scooter are in the Purina Hall of Fame for this act of bravery that saved my life.  To say we miss her is not enough and we thank you for the personal cremation and returning her ashes to us in the lovely box. Thank you.”

Glenda and Gary Mosher

“Yesterday we picked up Ivan’s cremation ashes from the vet. Jason and I just wanted to write to you and say thank you for the care that you all took with our pet. We appreciate you taking the time also on the phone with us. I can’t thank you enough. The process is difficult as it is, and I greatly appreciated the efforts on your end; especially the personal phone call. I was evermore beholden to receive the paw print that you made and sent along with Ivan. As much as that brought me to tears, they were grateful tears. Thank you again for all your kind efforts in this process. It helped to make a difference. We wish you and your family happy holidays.”

Erica and Jason Kerr


“We mark the 4 week passing of our beloved Pekoe today. I look at her paw print every day on my desk. Thank you for that wonderful reminder. Trish and I wanted to thank you both again for the wonderful and warm reception you provided to Pekoe when we arrived to send her on her next journey. It is obvious that
you both truly care. We have shared our experience with your service with a number of people and will continue to do so. I have given out your cards and kept photocopies which I will pass on to anyone who needs you.

Krishan and Trish


“On Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020, we said goodbye to our 18 years old Tabby, Faith. Our Vet did a home-euthanasia and took Faith with her – as most vets do – and had prearranged cremation for us. Shortly before our vet arrived, we saw the option of “cremation viewing services” with Honor Your Pet. I’m so grateful that I had gone to their site because I wasn’t aware that a viewed cremation was an option – only the standard “community cremation or private cremation, where you get the ashes back”. I was thrilled to know this.

Sadly my 7 years old daughter wasn’t able to be with us during those last moments with Faith. My partner and I had the sense that being able to see Faith “one last time” would ease the grief and transition to life without her, and it was the best decision we could have made during those tough times. We double-checked that all were on-board and it was a “GO”. Tara & Andre accommodated us on a Saturday morning. What a treat it was to see our little Faith, ready for us, all curled up on her side with her head on a pillow. She looked just like she did a few days before. We got to pet her, chat with her, and love her up all over again – one last time. The best part of it was that we were all a part of sending Faith off to a different dimension – getting her ashes back within a few hours. I even got to put my special crystal in with her – one I’d bought in Machu Picchu, Peru.

Thank you so much Tara & Andre for providing the service of a viewed cremation. You were both respectful, professional, and most of all sensitive. If ‘after-life’ care is something you’re considering for your animal – don’t hesitate to check-in with Tara & Andre. They’re highly skilled at what they do.”

Lynn, Dave & Soleil


“Andre and Tara—thank you so much for your caring and compassion when my sweet little Wookiee passed. Knowing she was in the care of such warm, professional folks made a really horrible time just a little bit better. I’d recommend you in a heart-beat.”

Kris T.


“To ‘Honor Your Pet Services’ in Black Creek, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada …

 We thank our local Gabriola Island veterinarians, Drs.  ‘Thomas & Trish’, for their professional care of our gorgeous ginger cat Leo, over the past 16 years.  We thank ‘Dr.Thomas’  for quickly concluding that Leo’s condition was terminal.  Leo’s sudden passing was not what we had expected, waking up earlier that same morning.

Following Leo’s exploratory surgery and euthanasia, perhaps we should have personally delivered him directly to ‘Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services’, in Black Creek, just north of Courtenay.  As things happened, we were numb with grief; our Vet’s freezer was full;  and  ‘Honor Your Pet Services’  had a scheduled Gabriola pick-up the following morning.  We immediately called Tara & Andre Laderoute, to set a date for Leo’s private cremation, which we wanted to attend.  We then booked a lovely rural Airbnb in Courtenay, for two nights.

Andre comes from an agricultural background and has two diplomas in related subjects.  Tara has a B.Ed in Special Needs (psychology), and has worked both as a teacher and in administration.  They are good people They are genuine, caring, and most importantly, ethical.

Obviously, we did not know what to expect when we arrived for Leo’s private cremation.  Andre and Tara had our little Leo lying comfortably in a pet-bed, with his head resting on a pillow.  It looked like he was just peacefully sleeping.  We thank our local Vets for ensuring that Leo appeared ‘presentable’ for viewing (apparently some pets don’t look so great).  After compassionately talking to us, and explaining things, Andre and Tara gave us some private time with Leo.  I then lifted him into the chamber, and we went for a walk on a nearby beach.  A few hours later we came back to retrieve Leo’s ashes.  Although hugely difficult, this ritual offered some degree of closure. 

The philosophy of ‘Honor Your Pet Crematorium’ is that the Vet who was entrusted with the care of a pet while alive, should be the individual who respectfully makes the referral for its  ‘after-life’  care.  Not all pet crematoriums share this philosophy.  From our personal experience, we are happy that our local Veterinarians referred Leo’s  ‘after-life’  care, to the services offered by  ‘Honor Your Pet Services’, and Tara & Andre Laderoute, on Vancouver Island.”

Paul & Casey

Gabriola Island, BC, Canada

I just wanted to say THANK YOU again. Brian went above and beyond his job duties. He is a gem.

I had a tree across my road, took a while for the neighbors to push it off the road. He waited for me to get the ashes of my precious Pookie. I still have no power, but at least I have my beloved pet. Thank you so much Brian. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

I will definitely recommend your company to all my friends, and mention the kindness offered me.

Millie McWilliam

Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services has worked hard to gain the reputation for excellence and is the preferred service provider for 80% of the veterinarian hospitals, clinics and locums between Cobble Hill and Campbell River, Port Alberni to Powell River as well as many islands along the Georgia Strait.

Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services is proud to be a member of the IAOPCC and has addressed all criteria for ethical operations according to the guidelines established by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. You can be rest assured that Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services and your veterinarian advocate will handle your pet’s body with honesty, dignity and respect.