Pet Cremation Services

Cremation is an increasingly popular choice and can be arranged through the individual that you have entrusted with your animal’s life, your veterinarian. If you want to participate in the aftercare process, feel free to get in touch.

Two Types of Cremations

Returned Cremation

There are many reasons to choose an individual returned cremation as a meaningful way to memorialize your pet. With returned pet cremation, your pet is cremated alone in a space that guarantees only their ashes will be returned to you as a lasting cherished keepsake. Your pet’s ashes will be returned to you in an urn of your choice or our signature scatter tube. A stainless steel numbered ID tag will be with your pets cremains. If you choose to scatter the ashes in your garden or any other special place, you may feel free to do so. Some pet owners choose to keep the ashes indefinitely. You must do whatever is best for you…If it feels right for you, then it is the right thing to do.

To provide comfort to our clients and confirm that we follow ethical and respectful processes and procedures, we use real time video for transparency purposes as well as a secured digital data base system to track all the family’s directives/services. The facility and our property are under surveillance 24 hours a day.

*Please note when scattering ashes that they are composed of calcium phosphate. If you spread a concentrated amount of cremains in one area around your plants, you may burn the roots. Please use sparingly in any one given area.

Community Cremation

Community cremation is when your pet is cremated with others. In this case, the ashes cannot be returned to you. Making this decision is no less respectful of your pet and some people take comfort in knowing that there once fun-loving and sociable friend will not be alone when it is cremated. Remember with the community cremation, even though you do not get the ashes back, we still honor your pet by treating it with the same dignity and respect as all other bodies we cremate.

As a final act of caring and show of respect, our community animal cremains from our pet crematorium are scattered on the 6 acres which the facility is located on. At Honor Your Pet Aftercare services we feel that spreading the ashes in this dignified manner completes the full cycle of life and provides a distinguished resting place for your beloved animal companion.


All individuals grieve differently. We tell people “what is best for you, is what you need to do”. Some feel the need to participate 100% in the process. That is possible at Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services. You can bring your pet companion out to our facility, view your pet entering the retort, await the cremation to finish and take your pet home with you the same day.

Understand that this needs to be pre-arranged as we are ongoingly cremating other individual’s family members. We want to make sure that when you arrive a cremation chamber is empty and ready for your family member. Please note there is an additional fee for the viewing service as it halts the cremation process of other animals.

Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services has worked hard to gain the reputation for excellence and is the preferred service provider for 80% of the veterinarian hospitals, clinics and locums between Cobble Hill and Campbell River, Port Alberni to Powell River as well as many islands along the Georgia Strait.

Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services is proud to be a member of the IAOPCC and has addressed all criteria for ethical operations according to the guidelines established by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. You can be rest assured that Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services and your veterinarian advocate will handle your pet’s body with honesty, dignity and respect.