Grief and Loss Support

Helpful resources to help getting over the loss of a pet.

Steps to help move forward with the grieving process…

  1. Accept that what you are going through is normal.
  2. Allow yourself to feel the way you feel.
  3. Embrace the process and accept help and comfort.
  4. Create a new ritual/habit.
  5. Celebrate your pet. Memorialize them in a way that works best for you.
  6. Forgive.

Ways to Assist with Grief:

  • Post a Memorial Tribute on our Facebook Page – others that like the page will supply support and understanding as they have been through this same process. Visit the Facebook page.
  • Light a Virtual Candle and Pay Tribute at
  • Attend an on-line support group and download resourceful strategies to assist with the healing process at the Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement.
  • Take a course on the healing process at Grief Healing.
  • The Rainbow Bridge is a beautiful poem that has received worldwide recognition for connecting with people that are grieving the loss of their furry friend. You can find opportunities to assist with grief and loss of pets at The Rainbow Bridge.
  • Write a Letter/Read a Letter – Place for comfort and healing at Letters to Pushkin.
  • Struggling to assist your children in understanding your pet’s loss? Chance’s Spot is a helpful resource.

Recommended Reading

Honor Your Pet has a list of resources you might find useful when facing end of life care decisions or during the grieving process. 

Professionals that specialize in grief/loss

Everyone grieves in a different way and therefore needs different levels of support. Your family doctor is always a great starting place. Depending on your belief system, if you are a member of a congregation you could reach out to your church community. Below is a list of professionals that specialize in grief/loss that are also available to support you on your grief/loss journey. These are listed alphabetically as no one individual is any better suited to each of you. This is a personal process, and everyone needs something different.

Fran Ferguson, M.Ed.

Fran Ferguson, M.Ed., has 20 years of experience as a Registered Clinical Counsellor. She is a compassionate listener who works with men, women, and couples on a host of issues, including grief and loss. Fran is a long-time pet owner and has experienced saying good-bye to beloved animals several times. Each loss is different. Fran will help you process your own unique loss and be a compassionate companion along the way.

Michele Jarvis Wonnacott

Author, Animal Communicator and Pet Grief Specialist

From a very young age Michele had the ability to understand what animals were thinking and feeling far beyond their basic needs.

Through years of studying and culturing her gift along with owning and operating a very successful 17-year dog training business in Victoria BC, Michele has shifted her passion to working with people and their pets on a much more spiritual level.

As a published author, and a frequent international television and radio guest, Michele now offers in person and long-distance animal communication sessions along with Pet Grief sessions that are absolutely life changing and grief shifting.

Michele offers grief sessions either before and or after the loss of your loved one so one can work through the emotions leading up to and after they pass. | Book

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