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Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services provides the opportunity for you to give your precious pet a dignified departure. With Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services you have the best of both worlds. You have the ability to come out and see our facility and participate in the aftercare process, if you so choose, while also having your veterinarian as your advocate. Arrangements are made through your local Veterinary Clinic for aftercare services at our facility on Vancouver Island.

Whether you are facing the difficult decision to euthanize your companion animal or are struggling with a sudden loss through unexpected illness or accident, we know that pet loss hurts.

We at Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services and your veterinary clinic understand that your companion animal was not 'just a pet!" He or she was a member of your family. Every tear you shed is a testament to the beautiful bond that you shared and it is only natural that you feel an overwhelming sense of grief and loss.

Please know that, even if we may not have had the privilege of knowing your pet, we are animal lovers who have also felt the pain of pet loss. We extend our heart-felt sympathy to you and your family during this difficult time.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your pet's passing, we believe that making the decision about what to do with your pet's body is a final act of caring. It is our hope that the information on the following pages will help you make final arrangements for your pet based on facts and give you the confidence that your pet's remains will be entrusted to a professional service provider that has built their business on a foundation of honesty, compassion and integrity.

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Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services


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The Honor Your Pet Difference

Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services has worked hard to gain a reputation for excellence and is the preferred service provider for many veterinary hospitals and clinics on Vancouver Island.

Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services is proud to be a member of International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories and has addressed all criteria for ethical operation according to guidelines established by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.

You can be rest assured that Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services and your veterinarian will handle your pet's remains with honesty, dignity and respect.

If you feel you are not able to make an immediate decision, that's okay! Simply ask your veterinarian to hold your pet's body for you for a couple of days, until you provide further instructions. Most veterinarians are able to do this without difficulty and are more than happy to provide assistance with making final arrangements.

"It is great working with you. You have such respect for those you care for. Keep up the great service."
"Professional, Professional…from A to Z, right from the time you come to pick up and drop off"
"You are all very efficient and have a great system in place - thanks so much!"